Happyprinting launches online printing franchise formula

Happyprinting launches the first global franchise formula in the online printing sector. Printing companies worldwide can use the online printing platform developed in the Netherlands, in combination with the full Happyprinting marketing package.

“We have built a modern online printing platform, including a strong brand. We use the latest marketing automation tools to create brand awareness and we share our turn-key solution via the cloud with print partners worldwide. Thanks to our agile work processes, we are able to quickly improve our platform and roll it out internationally. This will result in enormous economies of scale.”, according to CEO Sven Rusticus.

With this formula, Happyprinting wants to grow rapidly and launch the brand all over the world. We offer exclusive franchise contracts per country, allowing us to serve a complete country with one partner. Happyprinting uses the capacity of existing local printers and will not print itself.

“It is our vision to build a worldwide network of Happyprinting partners. We approach international print service providers with both digital print as well as offset print capacity. Through our relationships with HP and the HP Indigo branche association Dscoop, we have broad access to print service providers worldwide.”, according to Rusticus.

The advantage for our in country partners is that they can benefit from the rapid growth of online printing in their country at low cost. The transition from traditional to online printing, which we have seen in the Netherlands, is still in progress in many countries all over the world or is still to start.

We therefore offer a solution where printers can be online quickly, at low cost and benefit from the Happyprinting brand and Happyprinting marketing knowledge.

Sustainability by printing locally

Unlike some large international online printers, Happyprinting orders are printed locally, close to the end user. Instead of being printed in one country and then transported by air or by road, Happyprinting produces locally in every country where it is active. This is how Happyprinting works on the sustainability of print.

“We presented and tested the franchise concept at Dscoop in Korea and in Vienna. The reactions were overwhelming and has led to a dialogue with printers in eleven countries: France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Greece and even South Korea, Australia and New Zealand are excited.”, according to COO Jean-Pierre Meijer. “We expect to bring the first countries live in early 2019 and then we’ll continue to grow our global network.”


Happyprinting is the online printing company that started in 2017 in the Netherlands. Happyprinting differentiates itself through personal service, convenience and innovation. Our mission is to create print experiences that make our customers, suppliers, partners and employees happy, every day. We print, you smile!

Happyprinting was founded by Sven Rusticus, former COO of Drukwerkdeal, and Jean-Pierre Meijer, former Global IT Director at Dow Chemical.

More information about the franchise offering can be found on: www.happyprinting.com/franchise


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