Happyprinting starts in the Philippines

Happyprinting is proud to announce its partnership with Nitto Printing in Manilla, the Philippines. Together the two companies will roll out the Happyprinting online printing platform and brand in the Philippine market.

The Philippines is a very interesting market for Happyprinting. People from the Philippines are the world’s heaviest internet users and seventy percent of internet users in the country spend money in e-commerce platforms.

The Philippines counts for a population of 107 million people with a median age of 23 years old. The economy is growing with 6.5% to a GDP of 354 billion dollar. Print is big, while online printing is still underdeveloped, creating the enormous growth potential.

Tomas Carunungan, CEO of Nitto Printing: “We are very excited to cooperate with Happyprinting and introduce online printing to the Philippines. Together we will make it so much easier to order great printed products by using the internet. The passion and determination of the Happyprinting team to make it a success and the benefits of being part of the international Happyprinting network have been decisive to join Happyprinting.“

Sven Rusticus, CEO Happyprinting: “It’s a great honour to work with the people of Nitto Printing. Nitto Printing is a very experienced and renown printing company with a clear focus on quality and service. There is a great personal and cultural fit between the companies, and we are both very committed to introduce Happyprinting successfully in the Philippines.”

HP Business Partner

Happyprinting received support from Hewlett Packard to enter the Philippines market. As official HP Business Partner, HP Indigo assisted in the creation of the partnership between Nitto Printing and Happyprinting.

Following other international partnerships, Happyprinting utilises the expertise of local printing partners, equipped with HP Indigo presses and offset printing capacity. This business model creates the opportunity for Happyprinting and its partners to launch quickly in new markets at low cost.

Nine countries

Happyprinting is growing fast and will soon be live in nine countries: Netherlands, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Norway, Bulgaria, Japan and the Philippines. “And we have an exciting road ahead of us.”, according to Jean-Pierre Meijer, COO of Happyprinting. “The world is our market and it’s our ambition is to be active in 20 countries within two years after we have started this adventure.”

About Happyprinting

Happyprinting is a global online printing franchise company, working with local printing partners worldwide. We increase sales for our local printing partners and help them to become a leading online printer in their country. And, we minimize transportation lowering carbon footprint of print. 

Happyprinting started in 2017. Printing companies worldwide can use its online printing solution, in combination with the full Happyprinting branding and marketing package. Happyprinting’s vision is to create a global network of printers, based on one brand, one platform, and local printing partners, who share their knowledge in technology, innovation and marketing.

Happyprinting was founded by Sven Rusticus, former COO of Printdeal and Jean-Pierre Meijer, former Global IT Director at Dow Chemical.

About Nitto Printing

Nitto Printing is an award winning printing company based in Manilla, committed to total quality management as it envisions itself to become a truly global-class standard for excellence in print.

Nitto Printing concentrates more than ever on their customers, work even harder to be of service, push even more passionately for mastery and consistently deliver much more than expected.

Nitto Printing has been developing its competency and range by investing in cutting-edge equipment and training, mastering not just the high technology, but retaining the artisanal skills of print craftsmanship. All this with the single-minded mission of delighting and exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.

Nitto Printing has been active in promoting sustainability through conservation, the reduction of waste and pollution, and mitigating the environmental impact of our operations, in ensuring the health and safety of our workforce, as well as inculcating corporate social responsibility and respect for the environment.


Note for editors:

More information about Happyprinting can be found at: www.happyprinting.com/franchise

For more information and visual material, please contact Sven Rusticus, CEO Happyprinting.

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