HappyPrinting, the worldwide online printing platform that connects local printers to local customers, is proud to announce its innovation and diversification into the labels & packaging market. The new plug & play solution will be introduced worldwide under the brand name HappyPackaging.

Sven Rusticus, CEO of HappyPrinting: “There is a huge opportunity in the labels & packaging industry. So far the transition to web-to-print in this sector has only just started. We now offer a turnkey solution to label & packaging printers that will help to grow their business quickly via a platform for online printing, including branding and marketing.”

In labels & packaging printing there is an increase in demand for lower order volumes from smaller companies and local producers. Now, with the combination of HappyPackaging’s platform and digital printing, low order volumes can be processed efficiently and offered at affordable prices.

The HappyPackaging web-to-print platform includes 3d-viewing, online file checking, online file fixing and an editor with design templates for those customers who want to design their labels and packaging online.

The first HappyPackaging platform will be introduced in South America in Ecuador together with Industrias Omega. Industrias Omega, based in Quito, is an experienced company with a long track-record in labels & packaging. Industrias Omega wants to implement HappyPackaging to reach a new target group of small and medium sized local companies.

International growth

HappyPrinting is growing fast and is now active in the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Philippines, Japan and New Zealand. Jean-Pierre Meijer, COO of HappyPrinting manages the deployment and technical operations in all countries: “We have an exciting road ahead. Our platform is extremely scalable, fits the needs for printers everywhere and the world is our market.”

HP InnoPartner

HappyPrinting is a partner of HP Indigo and member of the InnoPartner program. HappyPrinting offers its plug & play solution to HP Indigo customers worldwide that want to grow their business by enabling web-to-print via HappyPrinting.

About HappyPrinting

HappyPrinting is a global online printing platform, connecting local printing companies to local customers. We connect supply to demand and increase sales for our local printing partners. In doing so, we minimize transportation needs and lower the carbon footprint of print.

HappyPrinting is based in the Netherlands and started in 2017. Printing companies worldwide can use its online printing solution, in combination with its branding and marketing services. HappyPrinting’s vision is to create a global network of local printers, based on one platform, who all share their knowledge in technology, innovation and marketing.

HappyPrinting was founded by Sven Rusticus, former COO of Drukwerkdeal and Jean-Pierre Meijer, former Global IT Director at Dow Chemical.


More info is available on http://www.happyprinting.com
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In the picture of this Press release: Esteban Alvarez and Maria Alvarez of Industrias Omega in Ecuador.