We are very proud to announce that HappyPrinting has signed an agreement with LLC HappyPrinting in Tbilisi Georgia for the launch of HappyPrinting. With this cooperation we build further on our international platform for online printing, connecting local printers to local customers.

Sven Rusticus, CEO of HappyPrinting: “Georgia, with almost four million people, is a country with a great potential for online printing. With our plug & play solution, including branding and marketing, we will be able to launch quickly and effectively in Georgia.”

Dea Mgaloblishvili, CEO of LLC HappyPrinting: “We are very excited to be a partner of HappyPrinting. We like the brand, the platform and the energy to roll out internationally. We believe in the vision of creating a global network of printing partners that share one brand and one platform. It’s just smart!” 

“After a successful launch in Georgia we share the ambition to further expand into Armenia and Azerbaijan”, a shared statement by Sven Rusticus of HappyPrinting and our Georgian partner Tina Sanadze.

HappyPrinting is growing fast and is now active in the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Philippines, Japan and New Zealand. Jean-Pierre Meijer, COO of HappyPrinting manages the deployment and technical operations in all countries: “We have an exciting road ahead. Our platform is extremely scalable, fits the needs for printers everywhere and the world is our market.”

HP Innovation Partner

HappyPrinting is an innovation partner of HP Indigo and offers its plug & play solution to HP Indigo customers worldwide that want to grow their business in web-to-print. Jean-Pierre Meijer, CTO of HappyPrinting: “Our platform is scalable and fits the needs for printers worldwide that want to grow in online printing.”

About HappyPrinting and HappyPackaging

HappyPrinting is based in the Netherlands. Printing companies worldwide can use its online printing and marketing solutions. HappyPrinting recently launched HappyPackaging for the Labels and Packaging sector.

HappyPrinting is interested to get to know new potential country partners for both HappyPrinting and HappyPackaging.

More info at www.happyprinting.com

In the picture: The LLC HappyPrinting team in Tbilisi, Georgia


Note for editors:

More information about HappyPrinting can be found at: www.happyprinting.com

For more information and visual material, please contact Sven Rusticus, CEO HappyPrinting.

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