Worldwide online printing platform HappyPrinting is proud to announce its partnership with Blooming Color, Inc. for the launch of HappyPrinting in the United States of America.

For over 30 years, Blooming Color has been one of Chicago’s leading commercial printers, offering cutting-edge technology and the forward thinking commitment to ‘ink the impossible’.
President Brian Scott and Vice President Rosemarie Breske Garvey.
The new HappyPrinting US, powered by Blooming Color, is centrally located to service the metropolitan Chicago area of over 9 million people, as well as the over 380 million people in the USA as a whole.

Business products including business cards, flyers, banners and posters will be available, as will consumer products including photo books and wall art. Personalized textiles will become available on in the near future, as well.

Sven Rusticus, CEO of HappyPrinting states: “We are very proud to partner with Blooming Color, an innovative printing company, who considers every print an adventure and ‘extraordinary’ the norm. We look forward to creating the best online printing experience in the US together.”

Brian Scott, CEO of Blooming Color says: “We are excited to be a partner of HappyPrinting. We like the brand, the platform and the ambition to grow fast, and sustainably, by offering a great web-to-print platform to US customers. It is a great advantage to be part of a global network of partners that share one brand, one vision, and one platform.”

HP Innovation Partner
HappyPrinting is an innovation partner of HP Indigo and offers its solution to HP Indigo customers worldwide who want to grow their business via web-to-print. HappyPrinting specializes in Printing On Demand, making short print runs affordable and environmentally friendly. 

International growth
HappyPrinting is growing fast and is now active in fourteen countries: Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Bulgaria, Georgia, Philippines, Japan, New Zealand, Ecuador, Mexico and now also in the US.
Jean-Pierre Meijer, CTO of HappyPrinting manages the printing platform and the deployment in all countries: “By using a shared platform, we are able to develop and innovate faster. It’s great to see the excitement of our partners being part of the network.” 

About HappyPrinting
HappyPrinting is a global online printing platform, connecting local supply to local demand and increasing sales for local printing partners. HappyPrinting minimizes transportation needs and lowers the carbon footprint of print.

HappyPrinting is based in the Netherlands. Printing companies worldwide implement its online printing platform, in combination with its branding and marketing services. HappyPrinting’s vision is to create a global network of local printers, based on one platform, who all share their knowledge in technology, innovation and marketing.

About Blooming Color, Inc. 
Blooming Color, Inc. is a world-class commercial printing facility located in Lombard, Illinois. A leading printer for over 30 years, they know that when you have ideas, ink, and ingenuity, nothing is impossible. Through the decades, Blooming Color has expanded and grown with technology to become a leader in commercial printing – not only in the Chicagoland area, but across the globe.

Blooming Color delivers best-in-class quality services to clients across a variety of printing disciplines – from conventional and wide format capabilities, to exceptional HP Indigo digital offset printing and on-demand web-to-print services. For more information, visit or call +1 630 705 9200. 


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